A Walk Down Baffoni Christmas Lane

90's Christmas card

As with many Italian families, tradition lives and breathes through Christmas. From the annual baking of the Italian cookies to preparing the elaborate feast of the seven fishes, to even going to the same Christmas tree farm for the family Christmas tree hunt, us Baffoni's have all of our quirky traditions, and my mom made sure to always have her disposable camera ready. 

Since there have been so many good throwback 90's Christmas pictures popping up all over social media and on my blog feed, I figured I join the fun. And duh, it's throwback Thursday.

Any chance my parents could, they would take pictures of us in front of anything holiday, especially when we got our Christmas tree. It was usually involved us  looking directly into the sun and us not being able to keep our eyes open. Perfect shots for a 90's Christmas card. 

Each year we go back to the same tree farm in Connecticut, full of hayrides, hot chocolate and photo ops for families to cherish for many years to come. This year was the first for my niece so it really brought this sometimes silly tradition, full circle. 

Oh, and the outfits us four sported thanks to my mom, Fran, speak for themselves. 

                                                              ^^^ in case you can't tell, I'm furthest to the right

Another apparent common denominator that I found while searching in our family picture box, we always took a group photo in front of anything holiday. Until this day, the four of us usually don't huddle together for a posed picture unless it is Christmas, and it usually takes 10 takes for us to get one "good one". Mainly we do this just to amuse my mom. Oh, you want to know what Frannie is like during the holiday's at our house? Click here. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 

I'm sure she could probably tell you where we were headed in any of the insane ensembles, but for this next photo, all I remember is it being referred to "the muffin man outfit". My poor brother; he was dragged along with his sisters who are six years younger to take these damn pictures. He never looks too amused. And for my twin, she looked like a walking Christmas wreath. Shit, her bow looks better than the wreath's. 

It wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't take a picture in front of the tree right before our house was filled with family, food, chaos and LOTS of toys. I look so miserable, probably because this was most likely after I had to iron, yes iron, three dozen cloth napkins for my mom's Christmas table. That shit was the worst. After sweating through my t-shirt from slaving away prepping the house and cleaning the seafood, we found our Sunday best and smiled big. Except, I always forgot to smile. 

But those silk shirts though? AND the Mary Janes?! Killing it. 

Not much has changed since our silk shirt days. We always get together at my parents house for Christmas Eve. Although the chaos has dimmed and there aren't as many Barbies getting thrown around, this family gathering is near and dear to all of us. Now, we are passing on the traditions to each of our lives, with Jake and I in our second year getting our very own Charlie Brown Christmas tree for our place. Years from now, I plan on bringing my children to the very farm that I grew up at during this glorious season. 

So much Christmas nostalgia this glorious Thursday morning and I am looking forward to all of your embarrassing childhood Christmas pictures. 

P.S. my lack of presence on social media is due to my new job as at a local news talk radio station as a reporter. Going from a crazy schedule to working 9-5 is such a change and I'm not adjusting too well. For my lack of Instagram's, I figured I'd overload you with lots of throwback pictures. 

Good news, it's almost Friday! 

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