2015. American. Music. Awards.

Trainor Puth kiss AMA

Turning on my television after getting out of work early and having the 2015 American Music Awards just beginning was the last thing I expected, and one hell of a way to end off a great week. I don't remember the last time I watched the AMA's because lets be honest, the MTV Music Awards has a heightened popularity, but this year's AMA's made my future self always watch the AMA's because it rocked my world.

There were too many things that happened that got me all sorts of excited, so of course doing a blog post was the best way to expense my emotions before Jake kills me for talking about celebrities he doesn't give two shits for. In random order, here are the highlights and reasons why I loved this year's 2015 AMA's.

Jennifer Lopez

Lopez pink dress AMA introduction

She would pick the best pink, sparkly dress ever made. I barked like a Chihuahua when she walked out because, LOOK AT IT! Who wouldn't love to wear this dress any chance they could. I know, me too. As far as her introduction into the three hour-long show, Jenny really took us back to the block when she spoke about her rise to fame, watching the award show as a child. Not only is she super nice, I sure hope my skin looks that good when I'm in my 40's. And for anyone who hates on JLo, take a look in the mirror. 

Miss Piggy and Kermit's "Hello" Parody

Muppets Adele Parody Miss Piggy

The trailer to The Muppets was short yet amazing and if you didn't pay attention you may have missed it. Do yourself a favor and watch it now because HELLO it's the Muppets. Miss Piggy was so on fleek in her video to Kermit singing Hello. In it, Queen P belt her heart out to ex-boyfriend Kermit, then managed to get a mouthful of leaves. This is a testament; don't play with Miss Piggy's heart because you will get hit like Kermit did, with a tea kettle and a keyboard. 

Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth's Makeout Sesh 

puth trainor kiss AMA

Me, along with anyone else watching the AMA's had their jaws drop when Meghan and Charlie (we are on a first name basis because we are best friends) got all shorts of steamy after singing their Marvin Gaye tribute song, which I can't get enough of. It was so amazing I put two pictures in this post, of course one being a gif. so you could catch it in action. It is fitting that they gave us all sorts of PDA because after all, it is Marvin Gaye. This was pure genius. A total publicity stunt but they rocked it well. Well played, guys. 

Ariana Grande's Performance

Ariana Grande AMA performance

She can lick donuts all day because Ariana Grande can do no wrong, to me. Her voice is like an angel and amazes me every time. It is so effortless and better than most of the other singers who performed on the show. I found myself comparing her to others (as if we were besties) saying, "Ariana's was way better." This girl did something that no other artist did. She got her first single of her first three albums on the Top 10 of the Billboard 100. Get it girl. 

Alanis Kicking Ass, 20 Years Strong

You Outta Know AMA performance Alanis

It is Alanis mother effing Morrisette. Either you are for her or your not, and I am all sorts of for her. When she and Demi Lovato sang "You Outta Know" she brought the house down, When I say she, I mean Alanis because lets face it, no one can sing Alanis songs besides her, sorry Demi. There is something about the way she hits those notes that no one else can replicate. But at least now all the Demi tween fans might learn a thing or two about Alanis. And to think that song was about Uncle Joey from Full House. 

When Gwen Stefani sounded like a chicken
I've never been a fan of Gwen. So when she performed on the AMA's, I took a second to warm up some queso dip because I'd rather use my time more constructively. However, hearing Gwen sing a "personal original" clearly about her recent divorce reminded me of a clucking turkey. Not about it. 

Sam Hunt's red bottoms
I'm not sure who Sam Hunt is but once I saw them red bottom shoes while he was walking onto the stage, it made me consider listening to country music. That was short lived. 

Nick Jonas' best hit yet
Nick Jonas AMA performance

"Levels" is such an annoyingly catchy tune, but I love it. For me, Nick has been on the back burner but his performance last night brought him center stage in my book. I love me a good choir, so when Nick used a giant choir made up of two dozen Aretha Franklin's, he nailed it. I can't go without mentioning Nick going back to his Jonas Brothers roots and having his Phil Collins' moment by busting out a solo on the drums. Good for you, Nick. Plus, he dates a Rhode Islander, Miss Universe Olivia Culpo. Gotta represent Lil' Rhody!

And as embarrassing as this is, here is a picture of when I met the Jonas Brothers before they were uber famous, circa 2005? I'm so cool enough to have saved one of Nick's drumsticks that he threw off stage (at a dingy venue in Providence). 

Jonas Brothers

Penatonix Star Wars tribute

Anything a-capella I'm all for. So when Penatonix performed in the full costume getup in anticipation of the new Star Wars movie, I died. Once the orchestra came out, belting the Star Wars theme song, it gave me chills. It doesn't get any better than a live orchestra (coming from me, a band geek). And leave it to Harrison Ford to bring back all of the nostalgia that goes along with any soundtrack John Williams composed.

The Biebs.
Justin Bieber AMA rain performance

First of all, what the hell what Biebs wearing? It looked like he rolled out of bed. But then when he started dancing during the finale of the AMA's in the rain without managing to slip, it made sense why he wore an over-sized sweatshirt and trucker hat, right? And OF COURSE, he cried. It's Justin Bieber, that is his new thing, he cries. Clearly his microphone was off during his dance in the pouring rain, which was kind of a bummer. I have to say though, his recent album is really catchy and I can't get enough. #imabelieber 

Leave it to Celine
Celine Dion Paris tribute AMA

It only makes sense to have Celine Dion sing a song in memory of the Paris victims. Anytime there needs to be a ballad sung in a foreign language, leave it to Celine. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. #prayforparis. 

Coincidentally, this is my second consecutive blog post about musical artists, so that means I'm a real deal music critic right? No Anita, you are just writing about pop culture, get a grip. 

As a side note, please excuse the formatting on this post because Blogger is clearing having a Monday morning moment and not aligning with what I put. Dammit.

So now that I just ranted about this year's American Music Awards, what were some of your favorite moments? 

Why Millennials Are Pumped About Missy's Comeback

Missy Elliot WTF

Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott just dropped her first music video in a decade and people are freaking out.

For all of the millennials and 90's babies who got all kinds of crazy when her billboard toppers came on during your high school homecoming dance in the cafeteria, let us rejoice. The baddest bitch is back, even at 44.

Find me a millennial who doesn't manage to remember every word to "Work It" anytime it comes on in their iTunes AND is one of the most played. Find me millennial who doesn't bust a move when "It's Really Really Hot" comes on during lunchtime rewind. Find me a millennial who hasn't put a trash bag on with a fan underneath, trying to be Missy in "The Rain." Impossible.  

The new song that was dropped on Thursday (Nov. 12), titled "WTF (Where They From)" featuring Pharrell, was Missy's first lead song in years, like since 2005-2006. In more recent years, she has collaborated with artists like Pitbull, Ciara and Janet Jackson and now, WTF is her first lead on a track, which has been long overdue. It is truly remarkable what a Missy song can do to a millennial at any given point throughout the day. I'm talking millennials from all walks of life. Her music is universal and today's radio desperately needs more of Missy, and less of Fetty Wap. Yup, I said it. 

The reaction of her nostalgic fans to her tweet releasing the video on Thursday (her first in seven years) pays tribute to how pop/hip hop has missed her unique street culture, futuristic, one-of-a-kind beat productions. We all could use some more Missy in our lives and on our radios.  

Instantly, flashbacks of yourself trying to watch MTV after school to catch TRL before your mom catches you just to catch a glimpse of Missy's latest music video take over seconds into any one of her songs. Because everyone knows, Missy Elliott's videos are insane. The costumes, the makeup, the lyrics, the dance moves. And now, in 2015, she's using hover-boards and puppets of herself. YES.

When Missy raps in WTF, "I'm a Big Mac make you wanna eat that," you know she means business because skinny Missy I'm sure is missing big Missy's food habits so when she brings food into her new track, shit just got real. 

Plus, if someone even says Big Mac, I instantly love you/it because I am a closet Big Mac lover. 

Missy Elliott was Lady Gaga before Lady Gaga was Lady Gaga, in a strict fashion sense. This bitch would wear the CRAZIEST things and get away with it. She made a trash bag trendy, for God's sake. And her newest idea, being dressed as a living crystal ball with bedazzled lips... pure genius. 

Even though Missy faded into the background for a minute, she is back and back with vengeance, to show those tweens who didn't know who she was when she made her surprise appearance on the 2014 Super Bowl stage for the halftime show with Katy Perry, who Missy Elliott is. #bowdownbitches  

My lasting impression wasn't of Katy Perry on a massive lion, rather Missy because she managed to steal Perry's thunder in a black trucker "Wang" hat and black subtle outfit. She didn't need to pull out all of the stops because she knows, she is Missy mother-effing Misdemeanor Elliott. Pay respect.  

Katy Perry suggested Missy come out for a guest spot during the show and it was to everyone's surprise. When she came out for three minutes (out of the entire 12-and-a-half-minute performance) and kicked the shit out of three of her biggest hits, "Get Ur Freak On," "Work It" and "Lose Control," my twin sister and I instantly got sucked in, sucked in to being the 16-year-old Baffoni twins rapping Missy on the way to school and harmonizing each line. Let's just say, our parents were impressed that we knew "put my thang down flip it and reverse it" was said backwards in the chorus, which we can also say without a hitch. 

This bitch is so good that she could not be around for nearly 10 years then crash a halftime show and get her song downloads and album sales to gain 996 percent in the week of the Superbowl 2014, as reported by Billboard.com. You do you, honey boo boo child. 

She hasn't put out a complete album subce Respect ME in 2006 so maybe this can be Missy's way of telling us one is coming soon, really soon.

So why are millennials pumped about Missy's comeback, you ask?

Simply put... because she. is. back.

Happy weekend and happy Friday the 13th, everyone !

Your Average Trip to Hobby Lobby: Christmas Edition

It's not even one week into November and I'm already thinking about Christmas. Christmas decor, that is. 

Once day light savings blessed me with one more hour of sleep and I flipped my calendar's page to November, I had the sudden urge to fill my apartment with glittery, nostalgic and basic as-eff decorations that tickled my fancy in anticipation of Christmas 2015. Each year that goes by, there is always the thought that, this year will be different. I'm going to upgrade my collection of holiday vomit to have a more cohesive, chic holiday vibe. The irony is that I end up picking out similar shit, just in a different color. Well, if it ain't broke...

With a Hobby Lobby conveniently located minutes from my work, I decided to take a trip to "see what they have." I was in no place to drop a benji, so I convinced myself I would just "look around." Nearly two hours later, all I purchased were glittery holiday balls, an oval bowl to put on my coffee table and a wooden letter A (for Anderson, duh) with a side of dizziness and headache. 

*(Although I enjoy shopping at Hobby Lobby, I do not agree with their recently publicized religious, personal opinions)

As soon as you walk in, the clearance fall decor is sadly sitting on a shelf near the cash registers, wanting some attention by the grazers waiting in the long ass line that always takes at least 20 minutes. But with a focus on anything red and white, I powered through the temptation. You see that picture above? How can you NOT be attracted to this wonderful isle and naturally be driven to it? THERE ARE GIANT PEPPERMINT LOLLIPOPS for God's sake. Come on, Hobby Lobby, that's not fair. 

But just like a kid in a candy store, I got easily distracted, however, with this glorious display of shiny metallic everything. 

On top of it all, the best Christmas decorations (like these ones) were 50 percent off. It's Jesus' way of telling you it's okay to self indulge on decor. After all, it is in honor of his birthday. 

I was seconds away from getting that feathered wreath because... it's amazing. I then saw the mock feathered Christmas tree to match, and then a second tree. Since this entire display was cohesive, I probably picked up every single item and thought, this would all look good on my side table in my living room. Snap out of it!

"Anita, it isn't even Thanksgiving and you are wasting your time looking at things you won't even buy," I thought. "But if I do, I'll be getting the pick of the litter for Christmas decor." 

"Lets take a break from the Christmas stuff and take a fresh look at it all in a few minutes." 

To clear my mind from Christmas overload, I took a stroll down the everyday isles. Even displays unrelated to the holidays are so damn tempting. I think those star-type-things that serve no purpose are kick ass. I almost bought two but since they weren't 50 percent off like its holiday counterparts, I became a cheap ass B and decided against it. 

After circling the same three holiday isles and picking up the same three items, I finally committed, which is really damn difficult in a store that is just so damn tempting. With the frosted cranberry ball ornaments and burlap, pine cone ornaments to go with, I re-purposed the once tree-hanging decorations to a decorative centerpiece with a hint of the holidays.


I was unbelievably able to only spend $38 at my recent trip to Hobby Lobby. Yes, I got some Christmas decorations and it's only November 4th, but I'm slowly easing my way to complete Christmas decor overload. Now I will have an excuse to go back. Think of Christmas decoration season as drugs for basic bitches. It's just too damn good. 

TIP: Make sure that if you plan on going to Hobby Lobby for Christmas decorations, plan your trip ahead because it will be at least an hour and a half. 

Although decorating for the holidays can seem just as exciting as the actual thing, let us take some advice from The Grinch, to keep our minds in perspective to what Christmas is all about. 

"It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes, or bags." 

The Grinch thought of something he hadn't before 

"Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas (he thought,) means a little bit more."