The Friends Table

Being at the friends table at a wedding is probably the most fun you will have at a wedding, other than your own. Having been at the friends table twice in two months, I know this experience well. And nothing beats it. It is a complete judgement free zone because you don't have to worry about your great aunt and grandmother giving you the stank eye for having your third dirty martini. Sure, someone's great aunt or grandma may be judging you, but it isn't yours, so cheers to that!

Of course there is a line of respect you must hold while at a friends wedding because there is nothing worse than be that drunk idiot who has no regard for the bride and groom's wedding day. I think every bride has that concern that one of her infamous drunk friends will make a fool of themselves, leaving a bad taste in the whole guest lists mouth. You can enjoy yourselves, but don't be rude. I sure hope I was never that person. 

It's a whole new way to enjoy a wedding. Endless amounts of ridiculous photos will be taken, like this snapshot that was one of the photographers last shot of the night. Good thing she caught my outfit because it was genius— I'm so proud. God forbid Jake takes a normal photo...

Speaking of photos, photobooths are a new craze and I'm loving it. Jake and I will go in so many times, partly because I can never get that one good photo with him, since he hates posed pictures. Either I have a double chin or Jake is blinking, we go in the booth a minimum three times. Each time he throws a temper tantrm and each time the pictures get worse and worse and the first round ends up being the best. That's what I get for dragging Jake into my ridiculousness. 

Plus, you are put at a table with people most likely the same age as yourself all with the same agenda: having a good effing time. 

Take a look at the next wedding you attend. The friends table is ALWAYS located near the dance floor because they know how to get the party started and are usually the first to get funky.

Friends will be sure to request the most ridiculous song that is outside the norm of a traditional song played at a wedding, obviously to rehash memories of the tune with either the bride or groom. Like, the Whip and Nae Nae, anyone? Best believe I'll be whipping my way around the ballroom. 

And of course, all the traditional songs the friends table will be leading the way. All I know is when the Electric Slide comes on, get out of my way because I'm always in the front. I get down to the Electric Slide. 

On top of it all, there is no pressure to have to speak to your extended family who you haven't seen since the the last family wedding three years ago, which gives you more time to enjoy the night with (hopefully) good company. I've heard some gnarly wedding date stories that I'm glad I won't have to ever experience. 

Some of the very little things that do suck about being at the friends table is if it is a buffet, because of course it will be the last to get called. But once we [friends table folk] ate, we chewed and screwed our way out of the seating dinner and hit the dance floor. With that said, nothing beats a home-cooked buffet like the recent wedding I went to. Maybe I can convince my 94-year-old grandma to cater mine...that's wishful thinking. 

^^^ it took us 20 takes to do this one. FINALLY one good one

It is always a good place to meet new friends, too. I mean, there is nothing better than bonding on the dance floor all sweaty and tipsy because some serious friendships are bound to be formed. Plus, I love trying to help the single ones get together. Just doing my part and paying it forward. 

I'm always honored to be invited to a friend's wedding because not only is it super expensive, of all of the people in their life, I was chosen to come. Plus, it's a free dinner, an excuse to get dressed up, a chance to boogie on down and a time to celebrate a friend's wedding. I'm super pumped about the friend's tables at my wedding!

Which brings me to #Anderoni2017... we booked the date! Two years from today, Jake and I will be tying the knot, 10.8.17. Holy shit. 

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  1. hahah the friends table is literally the best table at the wedding. Sorry bride and groom ;) So once when I was at a wedding the pastor who had just married them like 30 min prior, was SUPER drunk. He literally stood up and went to the dance floor and took off his pants (and underwear...) luckily his wife stopped him before who know what would have happened. I was just watching from the friend table in unbelief. Craziest/funniest thing i've ever seen
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants