Perks To Being Inquisitive

Some may call it nosy but someone who is inquisitive will say its normal. I read something that sums it up— but I'm still going to continue writing a blog post about it anyway— which said, "wisdom arises with understanding." Even Einstein has my back with his lesson on inquisitive semantics, which I attempted to learn upon doing this blog post but I still don't completely grasp.   

I've always asked a lot of questions. Maybe it comes from my need to have a full understanding of something, or just being nosy, which I tend to be. My great uncle once told me, "there is no such thing as a stupid question. It only makes you smarter." You are damn right, Uncle Arthur! 

Growing up, I frequently got on my family's nerves for asking silly questions but I was immune to their frustration. I continued and continue to ask about everything possible because I like to be in the loop, I like to know what is going on and I especially like to ask questions so I don't feel left out. You know that one thing you hate, my one thing is not being included even though it may be petty— if I feel blocked or left out, I start sweating and get anxious and want to know WHY?!

So I took my strongest quality and turned it into a career and became a news reporter. Now, I get paid to ask questions and write about them. The inverted pyramid was drilled into my brain in college so I live my life as if I was in an upside down triangle. Who? What? Where? When? How? Once all of those questions are answered, I'll shut up. So just do both of us a favor and answer them as quick as possible to end the drill. Note to self: You did it, Anita! You found something you were meant to do, which some people never find in their lifetime. 
Here are the perks to being inquisitive:

Help strengthen relationships
I can't truly connect with a new friend if they are super reserved and blocked off. It weird's me out. Either you get me or you don't and for those who do like my best friends, we are super close. Curiosity about others helps my social life too, I think, because by being genuinely interested in someone else's life really brings out the best in a friendship. Another thing I read, "Curious people are often considered good listeners and conversationalists."  

Being the go-to gal
People will always come to you for the latest scoop. Whether it be about statewide news, in-work drama, a definition of a word or how to properly pronounce a phrase in Italian, you are the gateway to nonsense answers. And anytime someone doesn't feel comfortable asking the question, I'll be the person to speak up. 

Knowing a little about a lot
I'd rather know a little about a lot then nothing at all. How else would one know that Best Buy sells iPad's that have been sold and returned for non-technical related reasons at a discounted price if they didn't ask? I've used this bit of knowledge to a friend recently, because I was the annoying customer interrogating the sales associate that was unlucky enough to find me. I try to be as direct and non-bitchy as possible, to ease the pain.

Becoming more aware
Anytime there is a conversation, each word is analyzed because the more talk, the more questions are posed. No smooth talker can get by my trained ears.

More apt to travel
The more curious you are, the more someone who is inquisitive would want to travel, to expereience different states, countries and cultures. I've been having this desire to travel nowadays. Since my travel log isn't that impressive (having only been on the east cost and Italy) I need to step my game up. Jake and I are talking about traveling to a different state each year because there is so much I want to learn about! New Orleans is first on my check list. I mustn't I forget a BBQ road trip that my brother and I want to go on #whatdiet ?

Even though asking too many questions causes some arguments, specifically with Jake, I couldn't imagine being any other way. Unless you are inquisitive like I am, people will be annoyed, and I've accepted that. Here's a tip: give a precursor. Something along the lines that I do with new people at work.

"Hi new person, I'm Anita. I'm about to ask you a million questions so if you feel I've crossed the line, just tell me. I work as a journalist, specifically a news reporter, so it's in my blood."

Afterall, Gemini's are known to be inquisitive. Now go and ask questions people, and don't be ashamed.

My latest question, who the hell named Hurricane Joaquin? 

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