Our Halloween Engagement Photos

Did you really think I would do Halloween-themed engagement photos? Absolutely not. I just needed a title for this post that would get you to read my blog. And I guess it worked.

We did take our engagement photos this week and since I won't get them all for a next few weeks, I decided to take the time to admire some of our past Halloween costumes— some that worked and some that didn't. 

So for shits and giggles, let's take a trip down memory lane to some of our costumes as a couple we wore to dingy college parties. Because where else do 20-something's go if they can't get into a bar... random college parties which is also an excuse to wear anything, or nothing for everyone's favorite college trollop. 

Popeye and Olive Oyl

I have every intention on recycling this couple Halloween costume because, holy shit, we really do look the part! This was the first year I didn't spend $50 on a scandalous one-piece and made my first DIY Halloween costume. This was also the last year (2010) Jake and I ever did a corny "couple costume" because we haven't thought of a pair that hasn't been over done. I really want to be Carmen SanDiego and Waldo, but Jake refuses...maybe one year. 

Only two years into a relationship, we sure did work well together in winning that Halloween #teamwinning

Gangster and Lady Cop

Speaking of skanky costumes, here is our very first picture taken as a couple, Halloween 2009.

I'm pretty sure the Lil' Wayne song about a lady cop came out in this year. That is the only excuse I can make up for my sad self who decided to wear a cop costume that barely kept my warm. Side note: I was a serious Lil' Wayne fan... and then I grew up. Why the hell did I ever do this? Who knows? Also what I didn't know was that that gangster was going to be my fiancĂ© nearly six years later. 

^^^ We look like babies! 

Johnny Bravo and a Mermaid/ Lady Gaga during her 2013 VMA performance

I figured out over the years that spending over $50 on a Halloween costume isn't worth, partly because I can't afford a stupid costume for one day. Plus, I never end up having good plans for Halloween, besides in 2013, when Jake and I went to Foxwoods Resort and Casino to see Benny Benassi. (It was one hell of a show). At this swanky joint, I had to actually put more thought into it. And being my frugal self, I spent all but $20. 

I teased the shit out of my fro and found a cheap seashell clip to put in my hair to mimic Lady Gaga's outfit she sported earlier in the year. Of course, hers probably had crystals (or diamonds at that) whereas mine was probably in a basement covered with dust somewhere that I purchased on eBay for $4.99. Now that I'm thinking of it, I'm pretty sure it came from China. 

Throw on some seashells that I decorated with glitter and made, a make-shift bra, wear white bathing suit bottoms with super-glued fake flowers and a beach wrap I bought in Puerto Rico conveniently with mermaids on it, I had a killer outfit for cheap. Real cheap. Jake's was even cheaper. Other than spray paint for his hair, it was an easy Halloween. 

The best part about it, the girls who probably spend $100 on the most revealing, typical Playboy Bunny/angel/butterfly/skanky Michael Jackson costumes were complimenting mine, asking me where I got it. GOT EMMM. 

Napoleon Dynamite and a poor excuse of  a "Devil"

Oh, the good ol' college days. Jake made a great Napoleon Dynamite that year (2012) and I didn't make a good devil. First off, what was I thinking with that tutu?! And if you look closely, my winged eyeliner was not on fleek. I often get asked how I get my eyeliner matched on both side, and I tell them, I sure did have a lot of bad makeup days, this being one of them. It's like they were sliding down my face. Get it together, Anita. 

Back to my stupid costume.

That year in college, I lived on Angel Road so my roomies  (my twin sister and bestie) decided to be angels and me, of course, be the devil. Being Tina the llama would have been a better decision. 

Sadly, Jake and I forgot to take a picture at last year's Halloween party we attended, which is probably for the better. Having to work at the restaurant on Halloween last year I had to go right from work and throw on something that wasn't to difficult. This year, although I am working Hallows eve again, I will make sure to take a picture. For me, I'm going to be a Rasta...because my twin was it last year and I don't have the time or patience to think of a better outfit. As for Jake, he will be a Sensei. He found the craziest wig/mustache and I will be sure to get a candid of that. 

For those in the Rhode Island area, Jake and his band, the Tai Chi Funk Squad, will be playing at Escada in Johnston for a Halloween bash! Be sure to check it out.

I digress.

Our engagement photos were probably the most awkward thing we have done together, but after seeing the sneak peak from our photographer, they came out great. When I get them all, I will be sure to share my favs with you guys! Here is one of my current favorites.

What Halloween costumes have you been with your partner? I need ideas for next year...

Fallen For Instagram

Instagram, you've done it again.

The most addictive social media app has changed the way I enjoy seasonal activities, like hiking up a mountain in nearby Connecticut to enjoy the foliage and October air. Instead, I end up rushing Jake from work to drive us 40 minutes over the state line to hopefully catch a glimpse of the sunset against the colorful trees that are fall. Our outing turned out to be anything but that. 

Rushing to Ross's Cliffs, also known as Old Furnace State Park, we were hoping to get to the top of the small mountain before the sunsets, and according to Siri, sunset on Thursday was at 6:04p.m., which gave us 57 minutes to make the drive and get to the top of the mountain (when I say mountain, I mean a cliff...mountain makes it sound more adventurous). This left no room for error...but of course something went wrong. We got lost. 

The GPS had the wrong address but after a minor freak out about missing the view before sun down, we turned around and made our way. There was something about racing against the clock sun that  instantly got me thinking about prehistoric times when humans relied on the sun for everything, like for its energy or for telling time. Here we go, Anita. Get your ass up that mountain to see the glorious light we call sun. If cavemen can do it, so can you. After pumping myself up like an Arnold Swartzenager movie, we make our way into the park half lit park, having 15 minutes before it got dark. So we start trekking, frantically. Damn you Instagram. This once calming activity is now an anxiety attack waiting to happen. 

You've got this Anita. A little hike won't kill you.

Well it did. I was panting like dog five minutes in. You're so incredibly out of shape, Anita...I know, it is something I'm working on. 

The lighting was TERRIBLE for a good Instagram picture. I'm so wired into social media, that Jake had to yell at me to enjoy the view then analyzing the few good pictures I took at the top of the mountain. The resolution was all off and all photos were blurry, like a photo pre-iPhone time. What the eff? 

That's it. This whole trip was't worth it because I couldn't get a good Insta pic. Let's get out of here.

^^^ I mean, come on, the resolution is awful

I'm so pathetic. There I was, overlooking the best of fall foliage with my fiance and all I can do it be down in the dumps because I couldn't take a good enough Instagram photo. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Now I have to use the main photo in this blog post of someone else's picture I found on the internet. Great, I have failed you, blog

We stayed at the top enjoying the view (once I was told to put my phone away before it was thrown off the edge) and realizing the diminishing light and flashing back to all of the horror film trailers on T.V. all month, paranoia set in. 

I can barely see in front of me and keep tripping on tree branches that are covered in fallen leaves. As most women would, I let Jake lead the way to fend off any serial killers that found us wondering in the woods at night. And I seriously watch WAY too much Law & Order SUV.  It's as if I was in a scene from the show when a body turns up in the woods, except, it's mine. Get it together

There was faint laughter coming from a group of stoners who headed down the mountain before us. I probably looked behind me three dozen times during the walk down. I have serious paranoia issues.

Long story short, we got to enjoy the nice view and a much needed physical activity to get my lazy ass of my couch and my face out of my iPhone. Although Instagram made an otherwise calming experience a stressful one because I couldn't get a good picture, at least I got a blog post out of it. Isn't that what life's about, getting a great Instagram photo?

Now you tell me, how has Instagram affected your last outing?

At least I got one decent panorama of me pretending to meditate

Now I can rest easy.

The Friends Table

Being at the friends table at a wedding is probably the most fun you will have at a wedding, other than your own. Having been at the friends table twice in two months, I know this experience well. And nothing beats it. It is a complete judgement free zone because you don't have to worry about your great aunt and grandmother giving you the stank eye for having your third dirty martini. Sure, someone's great aunt or grandma may be judging you, but it isn't yours, so cheers to that!

Perks To Being Inquisitive

Some may call it nosy but someone who is inquisitive will say its normal. I read something that sums it up— but I'm still going to continue writing a blog post about it anyway— which said, "wisdom arises with understanding." Even Einstein has my back with his lesson on inquisitive semantics, which I attempted to learn upon doing this blog post but I still don't completely grasp.   

I've always asked a lot of questions. Maybe it comes from my need to have a full understanding of something, or just being nosy, which I tend to be. My great uncle once told me, "there is no such thing as a stupid question. It only makes you smarter." You are damn right, Uncle Arthur! 

Growing up, I frequently got on my family's nerves for asking silly questions but I was immune to their frustration. I continued and continue to ask about everything possible because I like to be in the loop, I like to know what is going on and I especially like to ask questions so I don't feel left out. You know that one thing you hate, my one thing is not being included even though it may be petty— if I feel blocked or left out, I start sweating and get anxious and want to know WHY?!

So I took my strongest quality and turned it into a career and became a news reporter. Now, I get paid to ask questions and write about them. The inverted pyramid was drilled into my brain in college so I live my life as if I was in an upside down triangle. Who? What? Where? When? How? Once all of those questions are answered, I'll shut up. So just do both of us a favor and answer them as quick as possible to end the drill. Note to self: You did it, Anita! You found something you were meant to do, which some people never find in their lifetime. 
Here are the perks to being inquisitive:

Help strengthen relationships
I can't truly connect with a new friend if they are super reserved and blocked off. It weird's me out. Either you get me or you don't and for those who do like my best friends, we are super close. Curiosity about others helps my social life too, I think, because by being genuinely interested in someone else's life really brings out the best in a friendship. Another thing I read, "Curious people are often considered good listeners and conversationalists."  

Being the go-to gal
People will always come to you for the latest scoop. Whether it be about statewide news, in-work drama, a definition of a word or how to properly pronounce a phrase in Italian, you are the gateway to nonsense answers. And anytime someone doesn't feel comfortable asking the question, I'll be the person to speak up. 

Knowing a little about a lot
I'd rather know a little about a lot then nothing at all. How else would one know that Best Buy sells iPad's that have been sold and returned for non-technical related reasons at a discounted price if they didn't ask? I've used this bit of knowledge to a friend recently, because I was the annoying customer interrogating the sales associate that was unlucky enough to find me. I try to be as direct and non-bitchy as possible, to ease the pain.

Becoming more aware
Anytime there is a conversation, each word is analyzed because the more talk, the more questions are posed. No smooth talker can get by my trained ears.

More apt to travel
The more curious you are, the more someone who is inquisitive would want to travel, to expereience different states, countries and cultures. I've been having this desire to travel nowadays. Since my travel log isn't that impressive (having only been on the east cost and Italy) I need to step my game up. Jake and I are talking about traveling to a different state each year because there is so much I want to learn about! New Orleans is first on my check list. I mustn't I forget a BBQ road trip that my brother and I want to go on #whatdiet ?

Even though asking too many questions causes some arguments, specifically with Jake, I couldn't imagine being any other way. Unless you are inquisitive like I am, people will be annoyed, and I've accepted that. Here's a tip: give a precursor. Something along the lines that I do with new people at work.

"Hi new person, I'm Anita. I'm about to ask you a million questions so if you feel I've crossed the line, just tell me. I work as a journalist, specifically a news reporter, so it's in my blood."

Afterall, Gemini's are known to be inquisitive. Now go and ask questions people, and don't be ashamed.

My latest question, who the hell named Hurricane Joaquin?