The Average Girl's Guide To Being Tall

I've never been a fan of the Kardashian reality shows, or them for that matter, however Kendall Jenner is her own breed. The one good thing that comes of Kendall's growing popularity is her way of making being tall be cool. Her and I are both 5' 10'' so I frequently look to her to see how she pulls it off. Towering over everyone in a room is very uncomfortable, I mean real awkward-turtle. So here is my guide to how I have accepted being an Amazonian woman.

^^^please excuse my blurry pic
1. Get over-the-knee boots
Keeping with the season, over-the-knee boots are my favorite because it makes my legs feel more proportionate. Anything shorter doesn't look right to me. I suggest these types of boots because it doesn't fight my tall legs, rather compliment them...? What am I saying? For those tall gals, just get the damn things. You won't regret it. And check out for boot deals. They have a bunch of killer ones right now! My morning ritual would not be compelete without browsing. 

And yes, that is my twin sister, and yes she is five inches shorter than me, with blue eyes. Weird, I know. 

2. Prepare yourself for the looks and names associated with being tall
People must think that I don't mind when people call me an Amazonian woman (even though I just called myself that in the beginning of this post) or remind me, "Hey! You sure are tall," like I didn't already know. I don't point out the fact that you are short, so keep it moving. 

3. When taking pictures, bend one knee. It makes all the difference. 
It helps if you have a short best friend which is literally the story of my life. We look like Snooki and Jwow, minus the fake boobs, pounds makeup, hair poof, and whatever else about them. Frankly, it's just a height thing. 

4. Squat ladies, squat 
If you are my height or taller, there is a 95 percent chance you will be the tallest in the picture. To make it look not as uneven, squat and make the group look porportionate. To put it into perspective, I am posing next to a girl who is just about 5 foot flat. That means I am 10 inches taller then her. See what I mean?

If your at an event where a lot of pictures will be taken, it will be the most excersise you will have all day...which makes it acceptable to have two helpings of wedding cake.Oh, and ALWAYS take the selfie group pic, which ties into my next point...

5. Always volunteer to take the group selfie pic. Because if not, you won't make it in the shot
Since our arms are long enough, just volunteer to take the picture, unless you want to be cut out of it. It makes things so much easier, plus I'm sort of a control freak...

6. Own it. (I'm still having a hard time)
I don't know why I made this a bullet because I don't even know how to own it. Regardless of what people tell me, walking into a room as the tallest person is super uncomfortable, since you can read everyone's facial express. Damn she's tall. What a freak. Probably not the freak thing, but that is what it seems like sometimes, especially in a group of strangers.

7. Start charging an hourly rate for being the designated friend, hawking the creepers away at bars. Anita aka Momma Bird
Whenever I go out to the few good bars in Providence with all of my extra short besties, I end up being the hawk, making sure no creepos try to pull some shady ish and try to dance behind your friend and pretend she doesn't notice. On some real talk, WHY DO GUYS DO THIS?! Guys, if you want to dance, just effing ask or make a gesture. Weirdo's

8. Ask a tall enough guy to prom. Yes, I've done it...twice. 
Do you have any idea how hard it is as a highschooler to find a prom date that is taller than you? Impossible. I couldn't be picky. I was so pumped when I had a boyfriend for my junior prom because for once, I didn't have to over think it. There is the thought of the perfect prom date who is this tall, dark and handsome knight who walks into the prom with you on his arm and people are super jelly over. YEAH, that was never me. On top of it all, I had to wear the ugliest shoes that were like an inch tall because I was legit taller than 80 percent of the guys in my school. #thestruggleisreal 

9. Wash cotton in cold water 
If you have any clothes that you will like to keep, do this. Especially with maxi dresses and rompers because they are always bound to shrink. Maybe it is because all of the junk in my trunk. On that note, I joined weight watchers because I don't fit into any of my pants...

10. Find a great tailor
This is a new realization for me. It wasn't until I brought this amazing pair of cloth pants in Italy that were too long (unbelievable, right?) and the tailor worked her magic and now I have a pair of pants that actually fit me. Even if it is a pair of jeans or a midi dress that aren't the right length, the tailor can make it work. Another tip, go to a tiny tailor shop somewhere near you. The older women who work there have dedicated their lives to tailoring and they do an amazing job.

Luckily for me, I found a pretty kick ass fiancĂ©, who happens to be taller than me !

And of course, HAPPY FALL !!!

6 Things That Define My Summer 2015

I'm sitting on my couch right now trying to write this post and conveniently a Dunkin' Donuts commercial for pumpkin spice everything just came on. It's official, y'all. Fall is here. 

Technically it isn't fall until September 23 but I'm ready to put summer 2015 behind me and start anew. And to those annoying "summer isn't over, there are still three weeks left" people who snap at anyone who is excited about fall, get out of my face. Is it obvious how much I love fall? And I have already worn my pair of new fall boots because it's cold and yucky out in New England this weekend. #notoneeffgiven 

To honor the good things that happen in summer, I've stole this blog post idea from The Daily Tay who stole it from Avoiding Atrophy that does just that. I also loved the idea as it is a good way to reminisce on all of the summer goodness that comes along in the three short months. This summer, in particular, was a life changing one for me so of course I'm going to blog about it. Because any significant life event must be shared with the blogosphere. What kind of wannabe uber-successful blogger would I be if I didn't?

Del's Lemonade 

It isn't a Rhode Island summer without Del's Lemonade. I know what you are thinking. This perfectly staged Instagram pic will be referencing a typical Rhode Islander's obvious love, the beach. Well, you're wrong. If you are at Narragansett Town Beach and don't have a frosty, tooth chilling, lemon chunk-filled, going to melt in three minutes Del's in your overpriced beach chair cup holder, you are participating in the degradation to all of Rhode Island. 

The real question is, what flavor? The usual flavors at most Del's trucks are lemon and watermelon. I'm a lemon girl. Jake is a watermelon guy. I hate watermelon Del's, but people love that shit. And if you are super basic, you will order a half lemon half watermelon combo. Shame on you. I'm very particular and super judgey on what type of Del's people are drinking. It can really tell a lot about someone. 

Ice cream 

If you know me at all, you will know about my crazy obsession with ice cream and anything chocolate. My sweet tooth doesn't play around. There is an ice cream parlor near my apartment and it is a daily struggle to not pull into the parking lot every time I drive by. I went three times in one week a few weeks ago. I'm pathetic. 

When I was in Italy, Venice to be exact, I stumbled upon a Magnum (get your head out of the gutter) Ice Cream bar and all of my dreams were answered. I wanted to jump in the endless pool of flowing chocolate and roll in all of the toppings like I was Augustus Gloop in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. The build-your-own ice cream bar was so overwhelming but oh-so satisfying. Next time you see a Magnum bar being sold at any gas station's forgotten freezer, GET IT (the double caramel is the best). It will be the best $4.79 you will spend. 

This outfit

Do I need much of an explanation on this? Look at's amazeballs. It is also the craziest thing I've ever worn. I saw a Pinterest pin of someone wearing a tulle skirt and I was on a mission for weeks to find one. is where I found mine. Then I decided to take a Parisian twist and pair the lacy BCBG heels to go with it. Top it off with a strapey crop top and call it a day. This is wedding outfit genius.  

My first movie cameo appearance

Not only will I have this blog post to remind me of my kick ass time playing an extra in a zombie movie, I can just look at Jake's shoulder where he got a tattoo at the wrap party (industry lingo) with a zombie pirate and the movie's motto, Rock On Go Wild. Yes, I was pissed when I saw it but then I realized the story he will be able to tell our grandkids about his ridiculously impulsive tattoo he got after starring as a zombie in a professionally shot short film. See that expensive looking camera shooting a zombie in the picture above? Yeahhhh, I was inches away from blasting it with water. Never have me operate a powerful hose near electrical equipment. Clearly I can't handle it. 


Where do I start? I experienced many firsts during my Italy trip. Like my first time in Europe, my first time at the Vatican, my first time meeting my grandmother's older brother, my first time seeing a whole leg of prosciutto that my uncle bought just for our voyage to Itri and like my first (and last) time I was utterly surprised and got engaged. Yes, it was disgustingly hot and yes I missed eggs and bacon more than anything else, but sacrificing 14 days of brunch was well worth it.

On some real talk, Italy should really get on the brunch bandwagon because there would be some killer restaurant locations for it, especially with the views. 

Our engagement 

I still can't effing believe how Jake was able to pull off this engagement without me knowing. The more I think about it, the more signs I can see that led up to the surprise of a lifetime. For example, when after I got my hair done the day before the proposal, my mom said, "Wait until Jake sees you." Of course I didn't think it would be 24 hours later. At least my hair was blown out for the proposal because this was the only day my hair looked acceptable. 

Bring on, #Anderoni2017 ! 

Now that this blog post is completed, we can focus on fall everything. You know it's the beginning of fall when you get a cold, which is where I am at currently. Although I can't breathe out of my nose and I am surrounded by two empty boxes of tissues and NyQuil by my side, this post made me feel a wee bit better why reminiscing on the sweet sweet days of summer, when having a cold is unheard of.

See y'all in two weeks. 


I've been in the wedding planning mood this week since I've been talking about my proposal with a bunch of friends over a recent get together. Well, that's a lie, since I've been talking about my wedding plans since the day I got engaged. As well as having a wedding this coming weekend, I am super anxious to get a venue booked so I can start booking everything else. The three things I have figured out already, which are the most important, DUH, are the color scheme, shoes and wedding hashtag. After much consideration, we have come up with #anderoni2017. I LOVE. If there is one thing I love about hashtags (which I used to hate before I became a blogger) is being able to just click and see everything attached to it. And what better way to see all of your friend's drunk selfies and photo bombs than a wedding hashtag? 

The following pictures (all from Pinterest) are what I have come up with over the five-something weeks I have been engaged, and I feel compelled to tell everything to who is willing to read my blog post, hopefully there are people reading. Someone? Anyone? Screw it, I'm going to continue my wedding planning rant. 

October is our favorite month and our anniversary month, plus Jake's birthday and the commencement of fall activities. Who doesn't love fall activities? I'm obsessed. Just wait until my Instagram blows up with new boots, scarves, pumpkins and apple-picking oh-so-staged photos. Anyway, October was a no brainer, however, I'm not sure I want to include pumpkins in my decor, maybe that is toooo much fall? Well, is there such thing as too much fall? The weather is crisp. The smell of fall is in the air. Sam Octoberfest is on tap. Pumpkin spice lattes are brewing at Starbucks. I mean, COME ON. I LIVE for a pumpkin spice latte. #imsuchabasicbitch. 
To pay homage to my best friend, Tayla, who passed away, I thought a dark plum and rustic orange color scheme would be perfect since they are her favorite colors. It captures fall and will be a part of her with me during my special day. I'm sure she would greatly appreciate it, as I appreciate her friendship dearly. Plus, I love a pop of color in every aspect of my life. The colors for my wedding have to be perfect. I don't want a boojie-ass purple. It needs to be dark enough so the rustic orange (thank Pinterest for the corny name) pops against the plum. Speaking of pop of color, I've found my wedding shoes. Who am I kidding, according to my Instagram when I posted the picture originally, I picked out my bridal pumps 43 weeks ago. They are very Carrie Bradshaw and I am so pumped for them. <<< see what I did there? 
It gets my "something blue" covered and it is totally me in a pair of $250 shoes. Everything I do has a pop of color in it, just take a look at my outfits everyday. I am willing to pay the money for these beauties. Here lies my dilemma, they are 4 3/4 inches tall and I am almost 5'10 flat foot. My friend and soon to be bridesmaid informed me that a cobbler can shave down the heel which I am praying for because I can't be taller than my 6'1 fiancĂ©. If there is a will, there is a way because I am sure as hell not settling on any other shoe. Do you see the embellishment?! I hope someone else is just as excited as me. Thank you Badgley Mischka for designing the shoes of my dreams! 

And my wedding dress, you ask? I won't post any pictures of my ideas and spoil it but if you are oh-so inclined, peep my "Anderson Wedding Ideas" Pinterest board. I'm thinking either a strapless, busy bottom mermaid style or slim fitted, backless with sleeves dress. And lace, lots of lace. Maybe some more embellishments, like my shoes don't have enough. Although I want to start wedding dress shopping like yesterday, I should at least wait until the near one-year to go mark. Let's see how long that lasts. 
I think these socks are so adorbs. I'm not sure how Jake feels about them but I think it would be cute. We'll see. As far as venues go, shit gets expensive. We are thinking a very earthy, rustic vibe— maybe at a large barn or garden for the venue because I love the fall leaves as a backdrop for wedding pictures. Who doesn't? Am I right? 

Let me break down the cost of some necessities for you brides, future brides, or girlfriends who are itching to get married. 

Photographer: on average $2,500-$3,000
DJ: $2,000
Flowers: probably $1,500
Food: for 200 guests, think around $10,000. You read that right. (And that's cheap)
Decor: who the hell knows. But thanks to Pinterest, I plan on doing a ton of DIY projects because I still have no clue where this money is going to come from to pay for #anderoni2017. It will look like Pinterst threw up all over my wedding, and I can't wait. 

These are the costs that I least expected. But nonetheless, I suppose it is worth it, at least the photographer for sure. Coming soon will be an Average Girl's Guide to planning a wedding because I wish I have one. Overwhelming is an understatement. Other than creeping on bloggers planning weddings (thedailytay, who I love) and being super intrusive and bothering newlyweds on how much they paid for everything, I wouldn't even know where to start. And I still don't. 

On a lighter note (I know I know, poor me and my wedding planning problems) here is a throwback to Jake and I at our date night post-engagement in Itri. Viva l'Italia !

As far as my blog goes, I am attempting to be more consistent with my posts so I will be switching to being a biweekly blogger, in hopes of attracting more loyal readers. So look forward to that, AGC fans!