That Time I Starred in a Zombie Movie

Ok, maybe not starred. More like I was a fill in "spring breaker" for a party scene, but still, it was kick ass.

Why a zombie movie you ask? These two awesome dudes, Sam and Mattie, had a dream to make a teen zombie movie and after a kickstarter that went viral in 2014, their dream became a reality. Although they are both diagnosed with down syndrome, they are the craziest, funniest, wild pair I've met in a while. And these two know how to party, that's for sure. 
I got out of work early from the newspaper last week and I luckily get called out of the restaurant job, which was a miracle as it is. Then my fiance (I feel so boojie saying fiance) who has been filling in for the entire week, invited me to be an extra because the crew— straight from Hollywood— needed more crazy spring breakers. (Jacob's parents are best friends with Sam's 'rents so that is how we got connected with the gig). So I found the most teenage romper I could find in my closet, threw on a fedora and mirrored Quay Australia sunnies and I fit right in. I got the job to spray people in the pool and of course, I got yelled at twice, because I almost doused the super legit super expensive camera with a blast from the hose...of course I would do that accidentally. 
^^^ Clearly, I took my job very seriously 

I forgot to mention, after Sam and Mattie's kickstarter went viral, they got sponsored from a boat load of companies, like Cumberland Farms and an endorsement from my hometown, Johnston's-own, DJ Pauly D. My claim of fame is that when I was 16, Pauly took me for a ride on his street bike in the middle of my sweet 16 birthday party and damn did I feel cool, and this was before his Jersey Shore days that made his oober famous.  Peep Jake's, "I'm with Pauly D smile." 
There were zombies, demons and a hybrid of zombies and demons which are all part of the screenplay that Sam and Mattie wrote themselves. Shit was unreal. The had a professional makeup crew which made it even better and realistic, because zombie-demons are realistic...
^^^ check out my fiance in full zombie costume 

It gets even weirder. Jake and I picked up someone's random friend to get more people in the scene who we have never seen before, nor did we know what he looked like. The only direction we got was to look for a 17-year-old blonde boy at the corner of Hope Street in Providence. We creepishly roll up and see a loner. I smugly roll down the window and ask this rando, hoping it's the right person, "zombie movie?" Imagine it was the wrong guy. I'd geek. 

The Bieber look-a-like gets in the car and I hope that he won't kill me since he was sitting behind me. Clearly our Steely Dan and Peter Gabriel Pandora station wasn't doing it for him because he was quick to put on his headphones and blast trap music. In return, I sprayed the crap out of him and his friends with the ice cold hose. #listentosomerealmusicbro 
Everyone involved in the movie's production are so generous and kind, volunteering their time to help out Sam and Mattie. Not only did I get to take part in something I will never forget, I helped make their movie, even if I was just a spring breaker filling in space. I was happy to do it. Nothing better than dancing around a pool with solo cups filled with Cumbie's soda, pretending to get turn't up to essential party remixes. I can tots do that, and I did it with grace. Plus, seeing a real deal impromptu movie set was amazeballs. Did I mention me, Jake and all extras involved, will get a credit in the movie, booyah. 
Wanna follow their movie journey? Visit their Facebook page (click here) for full updates and information on when the movie will be released. 

I haven't been doing a great job sticking true to my blog theme because the stuff I've been doing lately and experiencing are anything but average. But that won't last long. 

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