vChenay: A Sparkle in an Average Town

Although Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States and the Town of Johnston is even smaller, it doesn't mean someone can't make it in an industry that is even harder to make it in. Introducing a big sparkle in an average town, Vanessa Vento, commonly known as vChenay. The purple-haired princess loves anything with sparkles, unicorns, Mac lipstick, a sick beat and singing. And this girl can SING. Even when we were in high school, Vanessa always stood out as the girl with the voice. She frequently belted the National Anthem at football games... and when she didn't sing it, everyone in the bleachers wish she had because honestly, no one sang it better #sorrynotsorry

Over the years, vChenay has grabbed the hearts of many across the country and beyond. Her social media is filled with amazing covers, tutorials and originals with music videos. Her boyfriend, Gary David produces all of her stuff and mixes some tracks. Providence is the background for many of her videos which is fabulous because Rhody needs to be represented from someone worth representing. #getitgirl (Another magical sparkle came from Johnston that I must pay respects to.. Mat Franco who won 2014 America's Got Talent)

Here is her most recent cover and video she released this past weekend.

I have to admit, I have stepped up my makeup game once I started watching the tutorials she put up because she makes it so easy to do! Anyone who can teach someone how to put on winged eyeliner is amazeballs.

Her voice isn't the only thing that makes vChenay stand out in an average town. Her iconic hair has been many vibrant shades of purple and pink and with the combination of her makeup skills, she is sure to be seen. I mean, not many people have purple hair in Johnston let alone Rhode Island and even the north east. She was once a hair stylist (if you couldn't figure that one out on your own) and has perfected the winged eyeliner like a champ. She also has such a trendy eye for style which makes her the sprinkles on a hot fudge sundae. A perfect combination.

vChenay plays some local shows and will be doing some more once her second EP comes out, planned to be in early spring. It will be on iTunes, Spotify and You Tube, along with all of her other music. While she is working on new songs, in the mean time you should check out her originals from her last debut album (click here). One of my favorites is Haunt Me which I think you all will love too. 

If you don't want to take my word on how talented vChenay is, maybe you will believe Ryan Seacrest. Last year, she won Best Female Cover of Drake's 'Going Home' and killed the competition. She is the epitome of making it big in a small town. I don't think she will ever lose her small town roots because from what I see, she interacts with many of her fans and stays in contact with childhood friends (like my twin sister). I expect big things for her near future.

Wanna get to know vChenay a bit more? Click here to see her video !


  1. I love her hair! Will defiantly check her out!


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  2. Oooh, what gorgeous hair! I need to check out her tutorials...that winged eyeliner tutorial looks good! I noticed you follow our old blog (Margarita Bloom Glamourville) and wanted to let you know about our new one (Margarita Bloom: Cherry Lips Blonde Curls) with a new domain name! We're having a Valentines giveaway and wanted to invite you to enter & follow along. :)

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  3. Drake - Shot for me cover by vChenay is awesome. She is a music artist with a mind blowing voice.
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