Tayla Lackey: Anything but Average

Tayla Lackey is the furthest from an average girl. From her impeccable style, personality, spontaneity, generosity and being the most genuine friend anyone could ask for, she is the most amazing woman I will ever know. Our friendship flourished in the short nine months we befriended eachother and I knew we were destined for greatness the moment I met her while hosting at Applebees. I cherish and am grateful for every day spent together. Five years ago today, she died in a house fire. Not only was she the closest female in my life, I will always remember her as the above-average, beautiful and loving soul that she has been for her short 20 years on earth. Cheers to you Tayla! You are my angel.  

I knew nothing about living life until she started taking me along her crazy nights with her friends, especially Stephanie. To this day, Stephanie and I are closer than ever and celebrate our confidant every chance we can. Tayla would want nothing more but to have us continue our friendship. The Three Stooges for life! From sneaking in bars through back alleys, singing Michael Jackson like nobody's business, eating a whole pint of Ben and Jerry's and driving 30 minutes just to cook breakfast, our friendship was the most fun and exciting and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Don't worry Tay, Steph and I have continued our legacy like a champ. 

Our friendship was a bit ironic because Tayla and my boyfriend Jake went to high school together and HATED eachother. I'm taking about her dumping a bottle of mustard on Jake's head at a party and he returning the favor by pouring a little bit of a Snapple on her head while in school...not their proudest moments. But when I told her I was dating him, she said to me it doesn't matter what their relationship was in the past...as long as I am happy. How many people do you know that can put aside a mustard throwing beef with someone for a best friend? Tayla Lackey. 

Tay has been watching us grow and become stronger individuals and I am glad someone so amazing is guiding me through life. On a daily basis, Tay was striving for something more. Whether it be a career or a new pair of shoes, she understood there was more to life and wanted nothing more but to better herself for her future. 

I mean, isn't she beautiful? Such a babe AND she was an amazing hockey player.. I know, right? I didn't believe it either when she told me...actually when she asked me to be her goalie in a game with her old hockey pals. Me? Play hockey? Yeah right. All of her hockey gals were a big part of her life and to this day, they skate in her honor. Shortly after her death, a tribute hockey game was played with her jersey plastered above the ice. Tayla was a kick ass player and friend. 

I love and miss all of her quirks like buying a Powerball ticket every Wednesday or mastering the moon walk in heels and even getting Twin Oak's takeout for a picnic on Stephanie's porch. Every person who died in that  house fire five years ago was taken away from all of us too soon and will be dearly missed. Continue to shine up there, Tay. I miss and love you. 

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched — they must be felt with the heart." - Helen Keller

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