Will You Be My Girlfriend?

Remember how easy we had it when we were younger? I am talking about grade school young. When Valentine's Day meant a day of arts and crafts, heart shaped candy and sending love notes as a secret admirer. When asking your crush to be your girlfriend/boyfriend through the classic "will you go out with me: circle yes or no" note that every single one of us has written or received at least once. Simplicity at its finest. If you want something, just be blunt and ask (or write a note that looked like Saint Valentine threw up on). 

Nowadays, 20-something-year-olds are faced with this once uncomplicated form of sharing your affection to this confusing and awkward moment that comes when you and your significant other want to become exclusive. It got me thinking...how did your last boyfriend or girlfriend ask you to be in a relationship?

Here is my story with my current boyfriend:
When Jake and I wanted to make it official, it was SO awkward (sorry Jake) because he asked me on a daytime sushi date over a tuna avocado roll and when "will you be my girlfriend" came out of his mouth, all I could think of was the infamous note as a child because those five words have a juvenile connotation, don't you think? Even though he asked the question as bluntly as he could, all I could picture is a 10-year-old Jake smiling at me from across the room with a gas station red carnation in his hand while he watches me contemplate my answer. He sure was a cutie as a kid. Well it worked...so here we are five-plus year later. 
I asked a bunch of people on their past experiences with this very question and the responses I got were very scattered and rather amusing. 

"He made it Facebook official so I stuck with it"
"He knocked me up"
"He asked me if I was seeing anyone else"
"He took me on a romantic date and said 'will you be my girlfriend'"
"My side chick became my main chick and told her not to get psycho" (I'm not making this shit up)
"He asked me in a text message if we were official"
"We had a super awkward conversation about what we wanted out of 'us'"

But mostly, the responses were "I just assumed."

I assumed? That's ridiculous. I need answers. I won't just sit around and assume the guy I am dating isn't seeing anyone else...ain't nobody got time for that. 

Two weeks in, I need an answer bro. 

Oh how things have changed. Eventually all of the singles who are moping around because it's Valentine's Day will have to endeavor this awkward dilemma. There needs to be a revival of the "will you be my girlfriend" note because there doesn't seem to be a better solution. Our 10-year-old selves may have been smarter than you think.

So, how did your last relationship ask you to be exclusive? 

vChenay: A Sparkle in an Average Town

Although Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States and the Town of Johnston is even smaller, it doesn't mean someone can't make it in an industry that is even harder to make it in. Introducing a big sparkle in an average town, Vanessa Vento, commonly known as vChenay. The purple-haired princess loves anything with sparkles, unicorns, Mac lipstick, a sick beat and singing. And this girl can SING. Even when we were in high school, Vanessa always stood out as the girl with the voice. She frequently belted the National Anthem at football games... and when she didn't sing it, everyone in the bleachers wish she had because honestly, no one sang it better #sorrynotsorry

Over the years, vChenay has grabbed the hearts of many across the country and beyond. Her social media is filled with amazing covers, tutorials and originals with music videos. Her boyfriend, Gary David produces all of her stuff and mixes some bomb.com tracks. Providence is the background for many of her videos which is fabulous because Rhody needs to be represented from someone worth representing. #getitgirl (Another magical sparkle came from Johnston that I must pay respects to.. Mat Franco who won 2014 America's Got Talent)

Here is her most recent cover and video she released this past weekend.

I have to admit, I have stepped up my makeup game once I started watching the tutorials she put up because she makes it so easy to do! Anyone who can teach someone how to put on winged eyeliner is amazeballs.

Her voice isn't the only thing that makes vChenay stand out in an average town. Her iconic hair has been many vibrant shades of purple and pink and with the combination of her makeup skills, she is sure to be seen. I mean, not many people have purple hair in Johnston let alone Rhode Island and even the north east. She was once a hair stylist (if you couldn't figure that one out on your own) and has perfected the winged eyeliner like a champ. She also has such a trendy eye for style which makes her the sprinkles on a hot fudge sundae. A perfect combination.

vChenay plays some local shows and will be doing some more once her second EP comes out, planned to be in early spring. It will be on iTunes, Spotify and You Tube, along with all of her other music. While she is working on new songs, in the mean time you should check out her originals from her last debut album (click here). One of my favorites is Haunt Me which I think you all will love too. 

If you don't want to take my word on how talented vChenay is, maybe you will believe Ryan Seacrest. Last year, she won Best Female Cover of Drake's 'Going Home' and killed the competition. She is the epitome of making it big in a small town. I don't think she will ever lose her small town roots because from what I see, she interacts with many of her fans and stays in contact with childhood friends (like my twin sister). I expect big things for her near future.

Wanna get to know vChenay a bit more? Click here to see her video !

Tayla Lackey: Anything but Average

Tayla Lackey is the furthest from an average girl. From her impeccable style, personality, spontaneity, generosity and being the most genuine friend anyone could ask for, she is the most amazing woman I will ever know. Our friendship flourished in the short nine months we befriended eachother and I knew we were destined for greatness the moment I met her while hosting at Applebees. I cherish and am grateful for every day spent together. Five years ago today, she died in a house fire. Not only was she the closest female in my life, I will always remember her as the above-average, beautiful and loving soul that she has been for her short 20 years on earth. Cheers to you Tayla! You are my angel.  

I knew nothing about living life until she started taking me along her crazy nights with her friends, especially Stephanie. To this day, Stephanie and I are closer than ever and celebrate our confidant every chance we can. Tayla would want nothing more but to have us continue our friendship. The Three Stooges for life! From sneaking in bars through back alleys, singing Michael Jackson like nobody's business, eating a whole pint of Ben and Jerry's and driving 30 minutes just to cook breakfast, our friendship was the most fun and exciting and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Don't worry Tay, Steph and I have continued our legacy like a champ. 

Our friendship was a bit ironic because Tayla and my boyfriend Jake went to high school together and HATED eachother. I'm taking about her dumping a bottle of mustard on Jake's head at a party and he returning the favor by pouring a little bit of a Snapple on her head while in school...not their proudest moments. But when I told her I was dating him, she said to me it doesn't matter what their relationship was in the past...as long as I am happy. How many people do you know that can put aside a mustard throwing beef with someone for a best friend? Tayla Lackey. 

Tay has been watching us grow and become stronger individuals and I am glad someone so amazing is guiding me through life. On a daily basis, Tay was striving for something more. Whether it be a career or a new pair of shoes, she understood there was more to life and wanted nothing more but to better herself for her future. 

I mean, isn't she beautiful? Such a babe AND she was an amazing hockey player.. I know, right? I didn't believe it either when she told me...actually when she asked me to be her goalie in a game with her old hockey pals. Me? Play hockey? Yeah right. All of her hockey gals were a big part of her life and to this day, they skate in her honor. Shortly after her death, a tribute hockey game was played with her jersey plastered above the ice. Tayla was a kick ass player and friend. 

I love and miss all of her quirks like buying a Powerball ticket every Wednesday or mastering the moon walk in heels and even getting Twin Oak's takeout for a picnic on Stephanie's porch. Every person who died in that  house fire five years ago was taken away from all of us too soon and will be dearly missed. Continue to shine up there, Tay. I miss and love you. 

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched — they must be felt with the heart." - Helen Keller

Braving the Blizzard

Every average girl loves a good blizzard because it makes things acceptable that are otherwise unacceptable on any other day. You can drink in the morning, stay in your comfies all day, patrol social media uncontrollably, binge watch Netflix and do absolutely nothing. This was my life when Blizzard Juno hit Rhode Island and the rest of Southern New England and today when another storm hit. Being snowed in is what every average/lazy girl dreams of...at least me.

I know what you're thinking. Anita do you seriously like snow that traps people inside while weather so intolerable that taking the trash out feels like a trek up Mount Everest? Well, no not necessarily. It just gives me a reason to do things that no one person should do in one day... like eat an entire bag of Smartfood because with the root of the word being smart, it sounds not as bad.

I like the ability to stock up on food and a lot of it, all with the least amount of nutritional value as possible. Snow storms are the epitome of how the winter weight piles on. You know, the extra five or 10 pounds that you can't seem to avoid during the winter months. Good thing over-sized sweaters and tights are stylish nowadays.
Rhode Island got over two feet of snow between Juno and today's winter storm and makes it a bitch to drive and park around the city and suburban towns. I live in this paralyzing fear that my car will be crushed from a school bus that can't make it up the steep hill that is literally next to my kitchen window. It is pretty amusing seeing trucks get stuck for hours...as long as they don't reverse and smash into my car, Marsha. I once had to move my car so a bus could reverse into my driveway. I woke up to a police officer knocking on my door and of course I looked extra cute with my morning hair and bathrobe. 
The snow isn't even good snow, you know the snow that makes a perfect snowman or snowball. I mean look at that concentration! Sadly all efforts were unsuccessful. There is nothing worse then two feet of snow that you can't even play in. Sledding is always a good idea...especially after a few spiked hot chocolates with marshmallows but too bad I don't have a sled. I'll just watch funny Vines of people drunk sledding instead, nice and cozy on my couch. Shit, I just wanted to channel my inner Elsa but that was clearly not happening. And for the next blizzard, I MUST watch Frozen because sadly, I didn't. 
So instead, Jake and I went on an excursion to explore the abandoned streets surrounding our apartment. This always sounds like a good idea until snow gets in your gloves and your feet are beginning to lose feeling. Great idea Anita... But who can resist a snow angel? It didn't last long because once the snow penetrated my pants, my behind was as red as the pom pom on the top of my New England Patriots hat #SuperBowlChamps2015 
Preparing for a blizzard is crucial. Booze and hot chocolate is a priority more than food and water. What is better than a Bloody Mary to start your day of nothingness? What was for breakfast you ask? A delicious breakfast pizza made by yours truly #marthawho? I like to get creative when I am summoned to my apartment all day. 
Speaking of marshmallows, peep these bad larry's. The chocolate cupcakes have a jumbo mallow in the middle that managed to pop over and created a frosting-like topper, which was totally not planned. I thought the mallow would stay in the middle and ooze out the sides but I was mistaken. When I tell you these cupcakes were insanely good...I ate a whole dozen of them. No wonder I can't lose weight. PRIME example of the extra winter weight. #struggleisreal. Top them with some toasted coconut and the best thing I have ever baked was born. The marshmallow is everything one wants in a s'more with all of its toasted glory. Best mistake I have ever made.
So there you have it. My uneventful day filled with sugar, carbs and vodka with a side of the sniffles and boredom. Being snowed in isn't all that bad, as long as you make the best of it. Nice weather is for productive things so until then, I will enjoy the snow. 

The cold never bothered me anyway.

Yes, it is February and I still have Christmas decorations up.