The Average Girl's Guide to Conquering a Cold

[insert drum roll sound]

The newest addition to the Average Girl Chronicles (AGC) is the Average Girl's Guide. What will it be guiding you through, you ask? Well, anything and everything that could help your everyday be more pleasant. I was inspired by the Bravo scripted series, Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce, which is one of my new favs. It got me to thinking... what are things I do on a daily basis that makes my day go smoother? I will list key things/steps to make your life a little bit easier. Because if this shit works for me, it will most definitley work for you. And let's face it, couldn't everyone use a little bit more guidance in their lives? 

It may not be guidance either, just ways of living that have worked for me in every situation you could think of. 

A compilation of all the Average Girl's Guide will be conviently grouped together under the "Average Girls Bible" link that is listed on the navigation bar at the top of my blog. It will slowly but surely be a bible that you can reference whenever life happens. In a sense, you could worship it because I sure have and will. I hope it helps! 

So first, let's dicuss being sick because I am currently battling a horrendous cold. 

Here is the Average Girl's Guide to conquering a cold. 

1.Stock up on soft tissues because papertowel will do a number on your nose. I keep a plastic bag for discarding purposes because if not, tissues will litter your apartment...and boyfriends/roomates don't typically like that.
2.Have Vick's VapoRub handy because it is the only thing that will somewhat help you breathe. There is nothing more I hate then being congested and not being able to sleep.
3. BE COMFORTABLE. I can't stress this enough. As soon as I feel a cold coming on, I slip on my plush Victoria Secret robe (that has a hood) and my L.L. Bean moccasins because if I am going to rot on the couch all day, best believe I will be doing it in my comfies.

*P.S. Victoria Secret, hands down, makes argueably the most comfortable lounge wear.

4. Invest in tea that you enjoy. This was hard for me because I am a devoted coffee drinker. There are those rare instances that tea is a must, like being sick. Sipping on a hot cup of herbal goodness is a perfect way to clear your sinuses and soothe your soul.

5. I found this nifty tea pot/cup doodad in my mom's cupboard that she has never used. It holds two cups of water and conveniently stacks atop the perfectly sized mug. Add honey, lemon, hot water and a tea bag and voila! The pomegranate, raspberry green flavor is my tea of choice at the moment. I feel that fruitier teas don't have the harsh tea flavor because I hate that. Something smooth and tasty works best for me.

(Excuse my Christmas decorations that I haven't taken down yet. I am to busy being sick)

6. NyQuil. This will get you through those brutal and restless nights of trying to breathe while sleeping. There is nothing more I hate then breathing through my mouth when trying to fall asleep. Ain't nobody got time for that.
7. Eat soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The hot broth will soothe your throat and warm you to your core. I always get the chills when I have a cold/flu. A good old chicken soup will do just fine, or try Nam Ya soup from any Thai restaurant near you because this place in Providence makes a killer take on the aromatic, spicy and sweet "medicine" soup. It's like one of the seven wonders of...Providence?
8. Utilize your loving boyfriend to tend to your complaining self because if you are like me, you will most likely be glued to the couch binge watching Netflix. Thanks Jake :)

If you are single, sorry dude. Suck it up.

9. Find a new television series to watch on Netflix. This will come is handy when trying to pass time and do as little as humanly possible. Sex and the City needs to seriously go on Netflix, like yesterday.
10. If you don't have Netflix, try to find reruns of shows like Law and Order Special Victims Unit. On some channel there will be an all day marathon. I know...because I have seen every single episode of the show's 15 seasons #teamElliot
11. Get your old blanket you cradled as a child out of your closet. You know what I'm talking about...the tethered and stained blanket in all of its glory. Mine happens to be a blanket I crocheted  myself. Yup. And it's pretty damn comfy. 
12. It is something about the pattern that makes me feel at home and cozy, especially since my late Grandmother Baffoni passed down the same pattern for generations. Nothing is more comforting than a 1950's-inspired afghan that you made with your two bare hands. Check. 

All you can do is wait. Hopefully taking various over the counter medications, like Zicam, will help shorten the length of the cold so sit tight, it will be over soon enough...hopefully.


  1. Is it sad that I lounge in comfy clothes, drink tea, binge on Netflix without having a cold. Oh, this post has been a wake up call. Besides the medicine, I treat my weekends as if I were battling a cold. Well, of course everything you've listed I'm on board with. Works for the healthy and momentarily ill.
    Texas Jak

    1. It is not sad AT ALL. I do it as much as humanly possible because my lounge wear is unbelievable. Thanks for stopping by! Follow me.