How To Take a Successful Selfie

Let's face it, we all have either tried or are trying to take the perfect selfie. There are endless amounts of pictures you have to sort through in order to pick the best one of the bunch that will look best through an Instagram filter. It's takes a lot of time and practice to finally get a selfie down in one snap. I recently got asked how to be more photogenic because some people have a hard time finding the right positioning. Since I am on a kick of showing embarrassing pictures of myself in my blog, I wanted to add my selfies through the years and how I progressed in technique. It all starting back when I was I'm high school when I was taking selfies before selfies were a thing. 

It all started with the mirror selfie...

I was too cool for school when the mirror selfie was the latest trend. This first picture was the least embarrassing, believe it or not. (By the way, top left is from 2008, top right 2009, bottom left 2010, bottom right 2014) See, the problem with the first picture is the lighting. The flash coming off the corner of the mirror completely hid all the hours put into making my makeup and hair look good. Amateur. My first tip to taking a good selfie: Lighting is EVERYTHING. I was able to find lighting before my good side so my next phase of selfies were full frontal and also in my parents hallway with all of the lights on. It really does making a difference and overtime I realized that natural lighting is the best back drop for a selfie photo shoot. Soon, selfies would go from the bathroom lighted mirror to your car before you have to go to class. The University of Rhode Island sure had a lot of selfie photo shoots, if you ask me. I am so glad the kissey face faded out because it was brutally painful to see looking back into the depths of my Facebook pictures. 

Now the second picture on the top right looks a little better, don't you think? At this point in my selfie career, I was able to really understand how to control my crazy curls and even put on liquid eyeliner. I had a lot of bad makeup days until I developed into my signature 'cat eye' swoosh eye liner, as I like to call it. Progression my friends, progression. 

Now I am catching on with the third picture. With the lighting in place, I slowly started tilting the camera more left because after the hundreds of selfie fails I took, I realized that I looked best on my left side. Everyone has a good side, finding it is just the tough part. My second tip: Take a ton of pictures from different angles and see which one tickles your fancy. You'll be able to figure out eventually. I have always struggled with blemishes and an uneven skin tone but with just the right angle and  decent concealer, a selfie can still be achieved, trust me. Practice makes perfect.

Ding ding ding! We have a winner. The fourth picture is the updated Anita selfie with the perfect lighting and slightly tilted left angle. It was a chilly and sunny winter day the day after I got my ombré redone. Perfect components to a successful selfie. Another tip: be comfortable. If you aren't comfortable and genuine in your emotions it will make the selfie look plain weird. The world can read your expression so if you are fussing with your hair all day, it probably isn't a good selfie day. I learned from Tyra Banks as should you, learn how to smize. It will become your best friend.

Now that you have seen my face way to much in the last few minutes, let me leave you with this. For a successful selfie find your lighting, preferably natural light, find your good angle and be genuine with your emotions. With these tips, I think your next selfie will be a winner. Oh, by the way, I was mind blown recently when I discovered the volume buttons on the side of my iPhone worked as a button to take the picture. Who knew? This is a game changer. 

Last but certainly not least, never let anyone make you feel bad about your partake in selfie nation. I have gotten it all, from friends and family alike, but you will soon learn as I did, if taking a picture of yourself makes you feel good, do it. Who doesn't want to show the world themselves when they are having a good makeup/mood/hair day. I sure as hell don't know. Those who give you the judgey and sly 'who takes a selfie' comment are just mad because they haven't figured out how to take a good selfie themselves. 


  1. This post was funny yet relatable. We can all go back to those Myspace days and be sure to find a picture with flash. Oh memories.

  2. Haha this post was such a pleasure to read! Your selfie game is on point, you go girl! haha :)

    Lots of love, Ana Sofia

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