New and Improved Anita

I'm a terrible person. 

I haven't posted in a few weeks and I am sorry. I know you probably read these "I'm sorry I am busy and haven't posted blog posts" but what can I say, a lot is happening in my life.

In addition to ending the Paleo diet (which I also haven't posted about like I said I would), I got a big girl job as a News Reporter for a southern Rhode Island newspaper. I did it Ma! Your daughter is an official journalist. Maybe not a highly paid one but I have to start somewhere, right? I am preparing for my cousins wedding that will be in Pittsburgh that I will be blogging about because lets face it, there is nothing worse then getting your shit together for an out-of-state wedding, well at least for your procrastinating, dysfunctional traveling average girl. 

While I am ending my internship at the local magazines in my state, I am thankful for the opportunity as without it, I probably wouldn't have landed this job. It can only get better from here and I am anxious to see where I will end up a year from now. A lot has happened for me and my career so hopefully you will see my name on the front page of The Boston Globe or maybe even on any of the Hearst Corporation publications, specifically Cosmopolitan Magazine (which is my dream).

The more I read blogs and get sucked into the blogosphere for what seems to be hours, I find inspiration from other bloggers who are doing really well, and by the looks of it, they know what the hell they are doing. Heck, I am just trying to get readers and possibly people to join my site so I can get more of a following.(::hint hint: share my blog to friends :::) Most recently, I have been getting a lot of inspiration from The Daily Tay, a really great blog with a funny and witty Chicago comedian who writes about everything from blogging tips to her birthday extravaganzas. Regardless of the content, it is always a good read and a motivational one at that. Hopefully I can get as successful as her! I would definitely check her out. 

Lets recap the last few weeks I haven't posted.
  • I am done dieting, although I am continuing to eat meals that are "Paleo influenced"
  • I got a job as a News Reporter for a southern Rhode Island newspaper
  • My career is kicking off and I'm stoked to see where it will go
  • I am trying to become a better blogger (and picture taker) so I can establish myself as a writer and maybe inspire others to create a blog, which was the best thing I could have done.
  • Find other blogs you love reading, because it will only help you succeed.
  • And lastly, share my blog to your friends and fellow bloggers. I am excited to hear from all of you!

Spread the love :)

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