Evolution of the Prom Dress

Like the other umpteen people, I had a wedding this Memorial Day weekend. Not just any wedding, a big Italian wedding with close to 200 guests. It was in Pittsburgh, which was even more exciting because it is a place I have never been. The city of bridges. The city of hills and valleys and great places to eat and drink. The wedding was on a boat that cruised the three rivers that lined the city. A beautiful backdrop to a beautiful wedding. Congrats Paloma and Mark! The floating party was also hosting a prom for a local high school the day before my cousins wedding. 

So first, I must divulge into my experience at the hotel, where tons of high schoolers were lining up for corny prom pictures, with an array of prom dresses that were horrendous. I mean, seriously, did I look like that when I went to prom? It was like a smorgasbord of prom dress styles from the last few decades. It ranged from the 90's style dress, either velvet or nylon, usually in a solid color and of course the draped scarf to match. Some of them looked like a bedazzler threw up on them. Then there was the new millennium dresses that were a ball gown style that bunched up like Bell from Beauty and the Beast, and usually they were in a bright color with jewels all over, maybe even a long train in the back. Then there was the 2006-2010 style dresses, which was the thing when I was in high school. They were way more riskay, with cut outs and an abnormal amount of sequins. It was either strapless or a halter, with some form of sparkle near the chest. The material was either similar to silk or chiffon-like. I had it all. In fact, I included all of the pictures I found with the many different style prom dresses I have had.

First is my senior prom dress in 2008, probably the worst choice I made. This over priced, Vegas showgirl dress had jewels everywhere, with the hip cutouts and deep V neckline. My mom hated it. It was the first dress I purchased with my hard earned tips from my part time job at Dunkin' Donuts. I thought I was the shit. And duh, I did the infamous mirror selfie, before selfies were even a thing. 

Next is my Christmas Ball in 2007, where I borrowed my older sisters senior prom dress. This was one of my favorites, because it was subtle and classy, the one thing my mom always wanted to pass down to her daughters was class. It was a gathered chiffon dress with a deep V neckline and a broach, very tasteful if you ask me. Me and my Italian Guido date stole the show (thanks Mike), especially since he is my best friend Joe's older brother. I went to a prom with a popular boy, only because I am close with his family. I thought I was SO cool. 

And finally was my Christmas Ball in 2007. This dress was very tasteful, in a neutral beige color with, you guessed it, bedazzles everywhere. This was the year that me and the homecoming queen wore the same dress. It sucked, walking into the dance with my ego through the roof because my dress was on point, come to find out the most popular girl of the senior class was wearing it too. Whatever, I wore it better. Jeez, these pictures are bringing me back. Glad I could share these goodies with you readers. Eat them up. 

The trend was to wear slimming, form fitting dresses, no more poofy dresses, no way. You couldn't be caught dead in something that you couldn't comfortably Pop Lock and Drop in. Duh.  And now there is the new style dress, a style that I will never understand. Walking into the hotel to check in after a long day of traveling, all I could see were neon colors and sparkles everywhere. It was as if all the style dresses over the years had a mutated baby that multiplied and took over all high school proms. I would have taken a picture, but I felt a little bad putting these girls on blast on my blog because years from now, they will have plenty of pictures to remind them how bad their dress decisions were. It was more than just the colors, the fabrics used where unknown to man kind. One girl looked like the swamp thing. It was the most unflattering shade of green, with seaweed looking details that just rounded out the look. Old Gregg in the building, for real. My dad pointed out a candy-apple-red ball gown with a feather boa sash...I wish I was kidding. But hey, every high school class has their thing, but unfortunately, it was the worst I have ever seen. They can come to that consensus when they are my age. 

I'm not sure if it was the age group, or the location of the prom, but these dresses were definitely one-of-a kind. I guess history does repeat itself, because these dresses were a hybrid of the last 20 plus years. Prom was the most exciting thing I did at that age, so whatever dress makes you happy, go for it. Regardless, it is an experience you will look back and laugh at, at some point in your life. For me, this is that moment. 


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