Paleo Diet: Week 2 Down

Call the Paleo police. I cheated on my diet.

You know what, as far as I am concerned, I deserved the massive mound of creamy ice cream goodness with brownie chunks and hot fudge because you know what, Newport Creamery (NPC) is the way to to do it if you were to cheat. (For those of you not from Rhode Island, NPC is the hop off for ice cream and Awful Awful's- a milkshake of sorts) It's good mood food. There is nothing worse than giving into the junk food urge and come to find out it was a shitty choice of cheating material, like the lame ass frozen yogurt place near my apartment. Yes, I cheated more than once, sound the alarms! 

The month is already coming to a close and my body has finally gotten used to the Paleo diet. Looking back, the first week was terrible. My stomach was going through withdrawals from dairy and gluten and I constantly felt hungry. By adding whole grains in my daily routine, it lessened my stomach grumbles. I was told that Ezekiel bread is one of the best out there for you, because it has sprouted whole grains without any flour. It isn't as bad as it sounds. There is nothing I hate more than dry, chalky diet food. This is a great alternative. It tastes like regular wheat bread, without any chunky, hard pieces like multi-grain bread, for example. The other day, I made baked eggs with Canadian bacon and a piece of the Ezekiel bread. In a baking ramekin I bought, I layered the ingredients and it came out of the oven piping hot, with everything I love in breakfast, all in one bite. This whole dieting thing is making me a more creative cook, and Jake loves it. Martha who?

I am an avid Trader Joe's fan/shopper. The deals are insane and it has unique organic items that you can't find in other grocery stores. Checking the receipt and seeing how many items I bought is the best part of my shopping adventure. Usually, I can get about 50 items for $110 which averages to about $2.20 per item. My recent trip, I got 27 items for $95. That is more than a dollar more an item. Damn. Dieting really is an investment in yourself. Now a days, fresh produce is more expensive than a Big Mac and McDonald's. No wonder why America has an obesity issue. (I will save that rant for another blog post)

Luckily, I have gotten another job at a restaurant, making double what I had at my previous job, so it is allowing me to continue my diet habits. One thing I wont miss, is being "that person" who orders food and has to modify every item in the dish. "No butter, no dressing, sauce on side, no starch, sub veggies." I hate waiting on people like that...and now I am one. Making food at home is the best way to go, I just love going out to eat so it is hard. May is almost here! However, I do plan on continuing to eat healthy after all of this. I will definitely introduce Greek yogurt and granola back into my diet again because it is my favorite breakfast, especially when I am going to my internship. It is perfect office food, no mess and a quick meal. 

My goal is just a handful of pounds away. The official end of my diet is April 30, and I hope to lose five more pounds. I haven't weighed under 150 since high school. If i could get to 149, I will be pumped because I want to accomplish something out of all of this. Setting goals and actually reaching them is a new thing to me, and I kind of like it. Easter. A time to praise God and stuff your face with chocolate for breakfast. Easter was fair game. I couldn't give up Cadbury eggs, so I only ate one...maybe two or three? I ate without any restriction although, I did keep in mind my portions and the diets regulations. I am proud of myself, but I still gained a couple pounds since I did my weekly weigh in at my gym yesterday. That's why now, I am putting the pedal to the metal, and am in full gear to reach my goal. No more cheating for me! I must resist NPC. I will stay far, far away... until May 1st.   


  1. The paleo diet sounds cool. Maybe I'll try it. Nice post :)


  2. The Paleo diet sounds great, hope you will reach your goal,new follower hope you will follow me back!

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