To Each Her Own

        Well friends, I did it. This is the beginning to a blog that I, along with my twin sister, have created to help break down the confines as to what is thought to being perfect. In a society that focuses on all things perfect, I am here to ground our day dreaming selves back to reality. For the girls who fall in the cracks of being overweight or skinny, flawless or flawed, insane or normal (whatever normal is), I hope to help bridge the gap between the many social stigmas. 

     Why me you ask? Firstly, I have been raised by a ginormous Italian clan who constantly makes me, along with every family member, aware of their flaws. (Out of love of course, right?) My size-ten-pant-wearing-self can be a bit sensitive to the harsh realities of their comments, especially in a culture that revolves around a Sunday dinner table. Secondly, my epilepsy has affected my way of life both mentally and socially. The mentality that comes along as someone diagnosed with a disorder can be extremely disheartening. My social life is constantly dampened because of the sporadic possibility of having a seizure, especially when drinking is involved. I admire every twenty-something year old that doesn’t have to worry about taking pills twice a day.

      I am an emotional eater, selfie loving, hot tempered Italian who needs an outlet to connect with those who been stuck in a limbo of being average, (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). Everyone has their own perception of what being perfect is. Accepting yourself can only be achieved by embracing the body and mind that were dealt to you. So that is why I am jumping into the never ending, black hole of the blogosphere to help break down the boundaries the word ‘perfect’ has on beauty and everyday life.   

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